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How to Get the Most Out of Card Holder Printing

Whether you require gift card boxes or card holders for placing business cards, all you need is an appealing printing to grab the people for your brand. Not only that the card holder printing communicates important info about your business, but it can do much more for your business if your printing meets the following requirements: Get Printing On Both Sides: For business card holders, the biggest mistake that we usually see is not utilizing an entire space. Printing on both sides of the holder can allow you to engage maximum clients for a longer time period which can convert your fewer clients into innumerable ones. Add All Important Information: Add all necessary information on the card holder that you consider is important for the clients. An ideal way to check that nothing has been left out is firstly jot down all the points on the paper like business name, contact details, email address and physical address. Some pieces of info may vary according to each business, but general info usually include these points. Select The Right Font Style: Selecting a right font in printing that is easily readable is another puzzle that most people think. Use of highly scripted font may create a problem in reading. Likewise, adding too much information would also result in the use of smaller font that may again be difficult to decipher. So it is more appropriate to use simpler fonts for printing like Tahoma, Candara, Arial, Helvetica, Palatino Linotype or Rockwell. Add A Business Logo: The business card holder can play an important role in your company’s branding. When numerous clients enter... read more

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